Machine embroidery coordinating alphabet set
Embroidery JAM machine embroidery in the hoop set
Machine embroidery in the hoop alphabet set
in the hoop Embroidery JAM alphabet set
Alphabet in the hoop machine embroidery designs
Alphabet machine embroidery in the hoop patterns

Embroidery JAM Alphabet Set - 3 Sizes

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This is an instant download design for embroidery machines.

Embroidery JAM is a fresh and innovative way to create decorative items using machine embroidery. It is an entire system of mix and match designs that allows you to grow and change your design to fit any mood, style, season or event.

Embroidery JAM came about because I was searching for embroidery designs that I could change and rearrange according to events and activities that were going on at any given time. I didn't want to be limited in my creativity. JAM is an acronym for Just A Mix. In cooking terms, jam is a sweet mixture and that is exactly what it is here. It is a creative sweet mixture of letters and objects combined to build your own unique items for home, school, dorms, business, your camper and more.

The system consists of starting with the basic alphabet. The alphabet has the ability to both string other objects as well as be strung from through the use of its eyelets. The stringing allows your project to build upon and grow with both letters and objects. With the system, there is no end to your creativity. Embroidery JAM items come in either two or three sizes and are designed and sized to coordinate perfectly with one another.

There are unlimited ways to use Embroidery JAM. It's your complete machine embroidery decorating system!

**NOTE: This product is the alphabet only. Coordinating designs sold separately.
You are getting Letters A to Z in three sizes: small, med and large with approximate sizes of the letters being: 2 ½", 3 ¾" and 5". A 4 x 4 hoop accommodates both the small and medium sizes of all letters.

Step-by-step instructions with photos are included.

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